butterfly-imgAbout Angelica

butterfly-imgInternational Psychic Medium & Sound Healer Angelica Perman has over 20 years professional experience sharing her clairvoyant, medium, energy clearing, and sound healing abilities with her clients.  She is certified in Reiki, Theta-Healing, Mystic Training, Hypnotherapy, is a Fire Priestess and Non-Denominational Minister.

Angelica has shared her Intuitive and Sound Healing services at The Malibu Shaman, Fox Studios, Passages Addiction Recovery Center, Be The Change Recovery Center, Connie Stevens Spa, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, as well as other hospitals/assisted living centers, private events and Health Expos throughout the United State. She has hosted her own radio show Spiro Chat”and has been a guest regular on several popular radio shows such as Transformations with Tara Sutphen, Divine Love Talk with Dr. Parthenia Grant, Haunted Playhouse with Sheena Metal, and many others as well as been a featured guest on the UK prime time hit “Hollywood Me Episode 4

As a gifted Intuitive Angelica has assisted thousands of clients with her insightful clairvoyant/tarot readings with recovery, legal matters, relationship coaching, empowerment, energetic clearing, home/office clearing, intuitive development, ancestral healing, creativity, grief counseling, and on personal and corporate retreats. She has worked with a wide variety of clients such as: Celebrities, CEOs, Medical Doctors, Therapists, People in Law Enforcement, Veterans, Inventors, Lawyers, Inventors, TV writers, Personalities, Authors, Entertainment Executives, Spiritual Leaders, Mothers, Educators, Business owners and intuitively gifted children.

As a Singer and Sound Healer Angelica has co- created an award winning children’s meditation series “Help Kids Sleep”. Her latest musical calibration ”OMdigenious” featuring her band Sound Shrine, produced by Jason D. McKean is perfect for meditation, yoga, massage as well as space clearing is available on ITunes & Amazon.  Sound Shrine has performed at Sounds Of The Sacred, The Parliament for World Religions, Conscious Life Expo, Wide Awake Expo, Star Knowledge expo and music has appeared on FM radio on Awakening Code Radio KX 93.5 FM, XLU 88.9 FM radio and many other radio shows.

To hear more of Angelica’s music, find out about her events and to view her music videos www.SoundShrine.com and www.Facebook.com/SoundShrineMusic

Angelica’s purpose is to support others with all of her Spiritual and Creative gifts so they may live a life of joy and fulfillment!