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Feng Shui Clearing Video – Produced and Edited by Marie Knoos, Creative Director- Angelica Perman

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It is very important that your Home + Property + Business are clear energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically!  Land and Spaces have “imprints” from the past and if something unpleasant or intense occurred there you may be “sensing” or “feeling” this as sadness, heaviness, bad vibes, or seeing or hearing things that can’t be explained away.  Everything is made up of frequencies and energy.   If you find yourself feeling depressed, anxious, sleeping poorly, feeling heavy upon being in your Home, Property or Business then a Space Clearing is highly recommended.

By using Ancient and Modern Space Clearing techniques Spiritual Intuitive and Medium Angelica along with her Sound Shaman husband Evan have successfully “cleared” properties throughout the southwest of old burdensome energy that had been effecting the people and animals of the land.  They create a powerful ceremony that lifts, clears and blesses the space that includes: Prayers, Mantras, Spirit Cleansing, Sound Healing – Drum, Shaker, Didgeridoo and Native flutes, Sage, Sacred Incense + Herbs, Fire, Salt, Alcohol burning, Creating a Spiritual Altar and assisting you in releasing old energy for yourself, family, and Home, Property or Business.

These sacred space clearings are useful when you are moving into a new home or business or have gone through a big change such a as divorce, illness or loss in your life in your current residence.

These ceremonies may include a phone session, property assessment, clearing ceremony and follow up phone or property session.  They take a certain amount of prep before, the actual clearing + ceremony as well as the follow up to ensure the job is done properly.

Rates start @$1000 are based upon size, location, travel and severity of the situation.

To discover how this powerful ceremony can transform your space please email your inquiry so we can set up a free information/estimate call .

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