Awesome things people are saying about Angelica!

“You have helped me more then I may ever be able to explain. You gave me insight & guidance into a deep core issue, which had plagued me my whole life! I will forever be grateful to you for sharing your gifts with me!!”

Lots of love, light & blessings

Sarah – Artist & Reiki Practitioner, Canada

“Angelica…You helped and healed me today more than you know. I am loving my life tonight!!! Thank you!!!  I am so grateful to you for sharing your gifts of understanding, reasoning and empowerment with me.  You are truly a magnificent women. Thank you again!!!!”

Charla – Nail Artist – Los Angeles

“So what I was telling you last weekend during our session that I am not a writer…This morning at 5:30 am I was up writing like crazy.  What did you do to me? J  I have felt really energetic since our last session and really excited to get my family past the divorce.  That was really helpful.  Thank you!”

J.M. – Musician, Tarot Reader – Los Angeles

“Angelica & Evan helped me clear a property in Taos. The house was on the market for a few years and just wouldn’t sell. I knew that there was a block but couldn’t figure out how to remove it. Angelica and Evan came into the house and identified the problem, which was a spirit of a young girl living in the basement of the house. In their very magical & delicate way, they cleared the energy and helped her spirit move on. The house was Under Contract in less than three months. It was very inspiring to witness this phenomenon!”

A True Believer

L.S. Realitor, NM

“My sessions with Angelica are potent and beautiful. She is a combination of a fierce warrior goddess and a soft sweet nurturing presence. Angelica’s knowledge and experience of the unseen realms is vast and powerful. I am one who knows, for I am a spirit medium too and I can tell the real thing from the fake, and Angelica is for sure a real bona fide spirit medium that can heal and unwind whatever problems or energies are plaguing you. Her work is also safe and gentle and she will only go where you are ready to go. Her kind and compassionate nature is a pleasure to work with. Angelica has helped me with my PTSD and also working with my history or trauma. Her tools are her guides, her heart and her ability and knowledge of how to clear and heal energy.”

Solara Healer and Entrepreneur - San Francisco, CA

“My sessions with Angelica have really helped me on so many different levels in my life. I am going through a rough time in my life dealing with a chronic illness. She has really helped me grow spiritually, emotional, physically, and even energetically. It was very interesting, when I first met Angelica I felt so connected and grounded. I had not even told her a single thing about me, but she is so connected and intuitive that she already knew everything. Right then and there, I told myself I’m finally at the right place and felt in peace, which I hadn’t experienced in so long. She has given me tools to use on everyday bases and so much support that has really helped me grow spiritually. She also taught me coping skill in having a better relationship with my mother. I would highly recommend session with Angelica for anyone who may need healing, clearing, guidance, and support in there life, business, relationships, creativity, spiritual coaching, and intuitive reading.”

Love & blessings

Karin – LA, CA

“Working with Angelica has helped me to really see and dissolve blocks that I have been suffering from for decades. With her expertise, I have regained purpose, clarity and direction. I highly recommend Angelica for anyone who is truly committed to releasing false identity patterns and stepping into freedom!”


JH – Singer – LA, CA

“Accomplishing goals, both personally and professionally, is important to me as well as moving beyond my own internal roadblocks that hold me back. Angelica’s guidance and wisdom has had a demonstratively positive effect in enabling me to get out of my own way and to see all elements in my life more clearly and honestly; therefore enabling me to move to the next level in everything. Relationships are the only thing that matters whether it’s personal or professional.”

DM – Writer/Producer – LA, CA

“My session with Angelica rejuvenated me on so many levels. She was able to tap into things and see things that helped me put a lot into perspective… things my intuition had been aware of, but the integration and grounding of it in my physical world and in my body, has been the challenge. She gave me some sound and practical wisdom and the space she holds is divine, compassionate and gentle… It is so easy to just feel healed by her voice… It was very helpful and am glad I got to work with her.”

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, International Speaker and Intuitive Astrologist