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Ignite The Warrior In You – Ojai Retreat 6/3/16-3/5/16 *********Early Bird Special Register with a Friend and both receive $100 off by April 28th https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=245078&stype=43&prodid=10170

Are you ready to have an amazing experience to assist you in having a lasting life changing breakthrough?

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My personalized retreats are a wonderful way to go deeper into your healing process, de-stress, gain clarity + insight, open up creatively, feel more empowered and have the lasting breakthrough you have been wanting in your life!   Choose from a variety of healing environments and locations such as: Sedona, Desert Hot springs/Palm Desert CA private condo, Ojai CA, Idyllwild CA or a resort destination of your choosing based on availability, and budget.

*De-stress *Deepen your spiritual & intuitive connection *Relax + Restore + Refresh + Renew *Addiction Recovery Sober aftercare support *Healing from loss *Life Change Support!

*Organic home cooked delicious menu is created to suit your tastes, food preferences, sensitivities and health goals.

*Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat Japanese Medical device to support gentle detox, sleep, pain relief, healing and spiritual/intuitive and energetic connection and clearing.

*Kangen High Alkalized/PH/Micro-clustered water to assist in gentle detox made by a Japanese medical device.

*Bodywork sessions that can include: essential oils, live sound healing and shamanic clearing. Energy-work, guided hypnosis, Reiki, theta healing, energy work, essential oils, crystal therapy and sound healing.

*Psychic Intuitive Reading/Clear Sessions – A special Psychic reading that can include tarot cards, past life, clairvoyance, medium work, numerology, akashic records reading, connection to guides and ancient and modern shamanic clearing.

*Nature walks/hikes, Yoga, Swimming (based on location.)


*Goal Setting

*Focus on your healing, personal, spiritual and intuitive development!

*Shamanic Ceremony – In nature via medicine wheel, campfire, labyrinth etc. based on location/weather.

*Sober Addiction Recovery Support – Connect with your higher power, get to the root causes, blocks and clear trauma, pain that are breading unhealthy habits, behaviors and addictive responses.

These retreats are like no other experience you have ever had.  Filled with love, personal support, care, convenience in beautiful settings we co-create together.  Include a retreat planning session.

The benefit of having my customized personal retreat is it gives you options to co-create a wonderful an experience in a beautiful setting of your choosing, in an environment that is totally and completely all about you! This gives you the ability to do the activities of your choosing, focus on your goals, and get the one on one support that most yoga/retreats do not offer.  The time + preparation+ Love that goes into creating these personal retreats as well as all the modalities, healing tools and japanese medical devices offers creates an invaluable experience!

Personal Retreats start at $2222 (single occupancy) for an overnight weekend retreat ***additional fees may apply for accommodations, and are based on menu selection, location and my travel expenses to get to location of your choice. Retreats include myself and my husband to support hikes, ceremony, bodywork meal preparation etc. Small groups/couples will have additional fees.

Call Now: 310-954-9609 to discuss setting up your personal retreat now!