Global Intuitive Guide, #1 Best Selling Author & Sound Healer, Angelica Perman has assisted people from around the world as a gifted seeier, angel medium, spiritual counselor, public speaker, pet intuitive, crystal energy, and home clearer. She offers support with relationships, addiction recovery, empathic empowerment, intuitive development, business coaching, trauma relief and energy clearing. Angelica is certified in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Theta DNA healing.

Follow Your Dreams

Be the Flame


that is only being offered to a select group of gifted ones such as yourself!
This unique one-on-one program offers YOU private & personal time with me supporting you to grow your gifts!

Thanks to Angelica’s incredible coaching and intuitive support, I have come back from divorce, got full child custody and now have my dream home and business. If you want to be clear and live your dreams book a session with Angelica now.

Cat Macary

Yoga Instructor and Global Wellness Ambassador

Angelica has been reading me for 20 years, is on target, has helped with my divorces, children & business. She is also so freaking funny!

Deborah Hildebrand

A session with Angelica was AMAZING! Her heart is warm, the wisdom coming through is spot on, and her intuitive gifts are phenomenal!

Antoinette G Cabral

The space Angelica holds is divine, compassionate and gentle.It is so easy to just feel healed by her voice! Her session rejuvenated me!

Laura Eseinhower

International Speaker

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